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Looking for a room in Groningen?

Lefier has a wide and varied range of rooms for young people in the city of Groningen. With more than 3,000 rooms, we are the largest young people’s accommodation provider in the city of Groningen. Read more about how to register with us and how to apply for a room.


Our accommodation is spread throughout the whole of Groningen. There is a Lefier complex near every educational institution. We also have great rooms in the city centre. Lefier has self-contained rooms and non-self-contained rooms for students and young people who are employed. Self-contained rooms have their own private facilities, such as a kitchen, a shower and a toilet. If you rent a non-self-contained room you share these facilities with others.

About Lefier

As well as rooms, we also let a range of other types of accommodation, such as single-family accommodation, upper floor apartments, lower floor apartments, gallery apartments, gatehouse apartments and accommodation for senior citizens. We also lease offices and commercial premises, studios and workshops, garages and parking spaces.

How to register with us

If you are studying or going to study in Groningen you can register with Lefier as a student seeking accommodation. You can also register with us if you are young and employed. To register with us you must be at least 16 and under 30.

Register as an accommodation seeker

You can register with us via our website . There is a one-off registration fee of € 30. Your registration automatically expires when you accept a room.

How long am I registered for?

You remain registered with us until you accept a room. We will also terminate your registration if you have been offered four rooms and have refused all four. People who register with us because they have been nominated for a room by other tenants will also be removed from our files when they accept the room. You can only apply for a room until the age of 30. When you are 30 years or older, you can no longer apply for rooms for young people, but you can register with WoningNet  for other types of accommodation, such as single-family accommodation or apartments.

How to apply for rooms via our website

The rooms currently available are shown on the website. If you have registered with us you can immediately apply for any of the rooms shown on our website. In some cases it is also possible for you to be nominated for a room by other tenants.

Waiting time

There is a waiting time for accommodation. The waiting time varies depending on the time of year in which you are looking for a room. In July, August and September the waiting time is longer than usual because that is when many new students arrive in the city. However, during the course of the academic year the waiting time gets shorter. Contact Lefier to inquire about the current waiting time.

Income threshold

Lefier only allocates rooms to those on an income of less than € 34.678,- (price level 2014). Anyone on an income of more than € 34.678,- is not eligible for a room. You will be means tested when you are allocated a room. In other words, the means test only applies at the start of your tenancy. If your income increases while you are renting the room you can still live there.

More information

If you want information you can either call us at +31-(0)50-369 36 93 (Monday -Friday, 8:00-17:00 h.) or send us an e-mail (). You can also visit our office, Gedempte Zuiderdiep 22, Groningen. (Monday - Friday, 9:30 -17:00 h).

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