Rights and obligations in relation to projects carried out in your student residence 2024

Lefier regularly carries out projects to improve or maintain rooms and student complexes. Tenants may experience inconvenience due to the work, or may be confronted with additional costs. Lefier wants to accommodate you as much as possible. This page describes what you may expect when Lefier carries out an improvement or maintenance project in your complex.

The agreements apply if you: 

  1. have a lease for an indefinite period of time or a campus contract;
  2. are registered with the municipality at the address that you rent; and
  3. actually live in the room.

Improvement projects

If Lefier has scheduled improvement work on your non-self-contained or self-contained room or the complex you live in, this is what you can expect:

1. You will receive a letter (at least 6 months in advance)

This letter states: 

  • The plans
  • When the improvement work is scheduled
  • What you are entitled to
  • What you have to do yourself
2. We set up a residents’ working group

If possible, we set up a residents’ working group, or consult with the residents’ association present. We discuss the activities with them prior to and during the execution.

3. We will invite you to an information meeting

During this meeting:

  • We will elaborate on what we will be doing
  • We will explain what this entails for you
  • You are free to ask questions

If you are unable to attend the information meeting, you can make a separate appointment with your Lefier contact. The invitation will mention the name of your contact.

4. We ask for your approval of the improvement plan

We will enter into an agreement with you before commencing the improvement project, stating the issues that will be addressed. It may be that the improvements will result in a rent increase. This will also be recorded in the agreement. If you agree with the agreements made, you sign a statement of agreement.


Minimum 70% agreement

Lefier can carry out the project if at least 70% of the tenants in a complex has signed a statement of agreement. If not, the plan will not be implemented.  If you do not agree to the improvement while 70% of the tenants in your complex does, you may decide to take the issue to court (within 8 weeks).

5. Implementation of the improvements

If 70% of the residents agree, you will be informed of the date the work will start.

Information booklet

Before the work commences, we will issue an information booklet stating what to expect and how to prepare. 

Allocated contact

A Lefier employee will remain your allocated contact during the entire project. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to make an appointment with your contact.


We regularly carry out maintenance projects in our complexes, such as paintwork on the complex exterior or in the communal areas or repairs to your room or shared facilities. Tenants may experience inconvenience caused by these activities, in particular if the work covers a longer period of time.

You will receive a letter in advance

This letter states:

  • the work to be done when,
  • whether you are entitled to any compensation.


Compensation for work carried out in your room + shared facilities

Work carried out in your room or in the communal kitchen or bathroom may cause considerable inconvenience, such as dust and noise pollution. You may also be temporarily unable to use the kitchen or bathroom facilities, resulting in an impairment of your enjoyment of residence. Once the activities have been completed, you will be compensated for any inconvenience. The longer the work takes, the higher your compensation.

Duration of the activities
1 to 5 days € 0
6 to 10 days € 83.92
11 to 15 days € 167.83
16 to 20 days € 251.75
21 to 25 days € 335.66
More than 25 days

€ 335.66 + € 3.36 per day from day 26 onwards (up to a maximum of € 671.32)

The amount of the compensation is a percentage of the average monthly rent of a student room in 2024 (€ 335.66)

Compensation for work carried out outside your room or section, in your complex

Work carried out on the complex exterior or in the communal areas of the complex (such as corridors and walkways) can also cause some inconvenience. You will receive compensation for this once the work has been completed. The longer the work takes, the higher your compensation.

Duration of the activities
1 to 4 weeks € 0
5 to 8 weeks € 33.57
9 to 12 weeks € 67.13
13 to 16 weeks € 100.70
More than 16 weeks

€ 33.57 per 4 weeks from week 17 onwards (up to a maximum of € 335.66) + tailor-made agreements

The amount is a percentage of the average monthly rent of a student room in 2024 (€335.66).

Useful information about the compensation

  • The compensation will take effect from the first day on which the work actually starts.
  • If the work takes longer than expected, you will also receive compensation for these extra days – except if the extension is due to you as a tenant.
  • If work is carried out inside and outside your home at the same time, you will receive one payment: the highest one.
  • We may at some times provide substitute facilities, such as a bathroom unit or mobile kitchen. This nevertheless entitles you to compensation.
  • We will set off the compensation against any rent arrears.
  • It may also be that asbestos must be removed during a project. If so, a separate asbestos protocol with special compensations applies, about which we will inform you where appropriate.
  • Separate agreements apply to work due to earthquake damage. We will inform you if this applies to you.

Compensation for refurnishing costs

Work carried out in your room may involve additional expenses, such as the cost of distempering, carpeting or curtains. If this applies to you, you will be entitled to compensation to be received when the work in your room starts. 

1. Compensation

This compensation depends on what needs to be replaced or modified. In 2023, the amounts are as follows:

Flooring per m2
(regardless of type, per room, including underfloor)
€ 25.65
Wall (per wall and not per room) € 22.00
Curtains/window coverings per m2 of window area
If you have drapes and net curtains, you will receive the allowance for both
€ 46.00
Wallpaper (per roll, per wall and not per room) € 19.90
2. Additional compensation

With your compensation you will receive an extra amount of € 171.00.

Compensation for damage

Damage during the work

We will deal with your possessions with the utmost care. Should your furniture be damaged regardless, please report this to your allocated Lefier contact within three working days. A Lefier employee will visit to assess the damage, after which Lefier will settle the damage within two months. Damage to objects outside your room can also be reported to your contact within 3 working days, after which we will find a solution in consultation.

Damage after completion of the work

If you observe the damage only 3 working days after the work has been done, you can submit it to your own home contents insurance. If you do not have a home contents insurance or if your insurance company is unwilling to compensate the damage, you can report the damage to your allocated Lefier contact person or to Lefier’s Customer Service. 

Limiting inconvenience

Limiting nuisance

You will unfortunately experience inconvenience from the work, but we will limit the inconvenience as much as possible. We will agree with you in advance about when the work will be finished and do our best to keep to this. If the work takes longer than expected, we will let you know in good time. If you have any complaints, questions or problems, you can turn to your allocated Lefier contact.


Construction work may affect your personal living comfort. It involves scaffolding, building materials and waste, and the placement of site huts. Lefier will make extra efforts to keep your complex/neighbourhood liveable.

We will make sure that the work causes as little inconvenience as possible to local residents. Local residents will be informed in good time about the work and the inconvenience it may cause.

Customised work

It may be that the work causes too much inconvenience for you, because of personal circumstances, for example. If this is the case, Lefier will be happy to try and find a customised solution for this. Depending on the situation and the type of work, consider a room where you can stay during the day.


If you need help because you are disabled or ill and your family or friends are unable to provide this help, Lefier can provide assistance.

Overige informatie

Deviating from the agreements

The agreements mentioned above apply to all tenants in Lefier student residences. At your request or otherwise, Lefier may deviate from these provisions in special and exceptional cases.

If you have a complaint, be sure to report it to us

If you have a complaint, be sure to report it to us – preferably in writing. Fill out the form on our website. We can find a suitable solution in consultation.

If after this you are still dissatisfied or unable to solve the issue, you can submit your complaint to the complaints or conciliation service. More information about the procedure and addresses.