Rights and obligations in relation to the demolition of your student building 2024

Lefier is demolishing the property you live in. That means you will have to move to another room. Lefier wants to accommodate you as much as possible in this process. This page describes what you may expect when Lefier is preparing to demolish your building. In addition, we inform you of your rights and what you yourself need to do.

 The agreements in this leaflet apply if you:

  1. Have a lease for an indefinite period of time or a campus contract;
  2. are registered with the municipality at the address that you rent; and
  3. actually live in the room.

Notification of demolition

1.Letter concerning the demolition

You will receive a letter no later than 12 months before the planned demolition date. This letter states:

  • When your building will be demolished
  • From which date you are entitled to compensation and resettlement

No rent increase

Have you been notified that your building will be demolished? And also when that will happen? Then the rent will be 'frozen'. This means that your basic rent does not increase with the annual rent increase.

2. More information

You will receive more information within three months of the notification letter. This can be through a walk-in meeting, (news) letter or house visit. Then you will hear:

  • What awaits you
  • What your rights are
  • How to find another room

Are there any special circumstances for you? Then you can indicate these. The agreements we make with you will be recorded in writing. You will receive a copy of this.

Allocated contact person

A Lefier staff member will remain your permanent contact until you live in the other room. Do you have any questions or comments? Then you can make an appointment with your Lefier contact.


Replacement housing

If your building is demolished, you will have to move to other living space.


Is your building going to be demolished and are you still a student? Then you will get priority for a room. Do you have to move because of demolition and have you been living in the municipality of Groningen for at least 2 years? Then you can get priority with WoningNet Groningen. The demolition notification letter will state the date from which the priority will take effect. 

No double rent

The rent of the old room will stop when you sign the lease of the new room. This means you you don't pay double rent.   

Register and search for accommodation


If you are a student, you can respond to rooms via ROOM. Are you not registered with ROOM yet? Then go to ROOM.nl and register. If you have to move because of demolition, Lefier will pay your registration costs.


Are you no longer a student and not enrolled at an educational institution? Then you can register with WoningNet (www.woningnetgroningen.nl) for housing in the municipality of Groningen.

  • Lefier will pay your registration costs.
  • After registration, you can respond to properties on WoningNet yourself.

What if you can't find a room?

Have you tried everything, but haven't found another place to live two months prior to demolition? If so, Lefier will offer you housing at least twice.

Giving notice on the rent of your current housing

You must cancel your ‘old’ room in writing. This room must be completely empty no later than two months after the cancellation date.

Temporary accommodation

Temporary accommodation Lefier

Do you have to leave your room and can't get into the new one yet? If so, Lefier will make temporary living space available. Lefier will ensure that it is clean and tidy and that it has window and floor coverings.

If the temporary accommodation has a higher rental price than your old room, then you will pay the rent of your old room.

Arrange temporary housing yourself

Of course you can also arrange other temporary housing yourself. However, then you have to provide and pay for the window and floor coverings of this accommodation yourself.

Giving notice when you leave the temporary accommodation

Are you moving into your new living space? If so, you must provide written notice to terminate the rent of the temporary accommodation. You will have to return the keys to the empty temporary accommodation within one month. Window and floor coverings fitted by Lefier have to remain in the house.

Staying in the temporary accommodation

If you live in the temporary accommodation for a long time, you may want to stay there. In that case:  

  • You will need to sign a definitive rental contract for this living space.
  • You will pay the rent applicable to that house or room.
  • You will receive the compensation for moving and furnishing expenses at that time.
  • Lefier has installed floor and window coverings in the temporary accommodation. You can buy it for 75% of the purchase price.


Moving and refurnishing costs

If you have to move due to demolition, you are entitled to compensation for the moving and refurnishing costs. Once you have signed the rental agreement for your new room, you will receive 90% of the compensation. You will receive the last 10% of the compensation once you have handed in the keys to the old room. Are you behind in rent payments? Then we will offset it against the compensation.

Self-contained accommodation ⇒ € 7,742.00
Non-self-contained* living space ⇒ € 774.00

*living space where you share the kitchen and/or shower with other residents.
The amounts apply from 01-01-2024 and are adjusted annually.

Temporary accommodation: additional compensation

If you are going to live in temporary accommodation first, you will be obliged to move twice. Therefore, you will receive additional compensation in that case. This will be paid out as soon as you move into the temporary accommodation. Then when you move to your final room, you will receive the compensation for moving and refurbishment costs.

Self-contained temporary accommodation ⇒ € 774.00
Non-self-contained * temporary accommodation ⇒ € 74.40

*living space where you share the kitchen and/or shower with other residents.
The amounts apply from 01-01-2024 and are adjusted annually.

Not entitled to compensation

You are not entitled to compensation:

  • If you move house before the date the compensation takes effect.
  • If you are evicted from your room because of rent arrears or if you have caused issues.
  • In the event of death. Only any costs incurred for furnishing the new room will be reimbursed.

Your neighbourhood during demolition


Empty houses and demolition work can make for a less pleasant living environment. Lefier will make an extra effort to improve the quality of life in the area.

Preventing degradation

We are committed to preventing degradation, vandalism and squatting. Sometimes we rent out empty rooms temporarily. When a building is empty, Lefier makes it look inhabited. In order to prevent destruction and squatting, we close the mailboxes. Where necessary, we install fences or board up the windows. Porticos and entrances are regularly checked and cleaned when necessary.

Reducing inconvenience

We will make sure that the demolition work causes as little inconvenience as possible to local residents. We dispose of demolition waste as quickly as possible. Local residents will be informed in good time about the work and the inconvenience it may cause. We make sure that it is clear where you can go with questions and complaints.

Additional services

Adaptations in your room

Do you have adaptations in your room because of your health? Lefier will then transfer them to your new living space. This means you do not need to reapply for the adaptations.


If you need help because you are disabled or ill and your family or friends are unable to provide this, Lefier can provide assistance.

More information

Deviate from the provisions

The agreements mentioned above apply to all Lefier room tenants. In special and exceptional cases, Lefier may, at your request or otherwise, deviate from the provisions.